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Apply 20 Essential rules of Graphics Design to UI Design
Illustration by Philip Nordström

To truly complete a Product — UX/UI Design, you must be acquisitive and apply various Domain Knowledge from Business, Human Psychology, Usability Pattern, Technology, and soft skills to mine and analyze information.

It can be overwhelming for those who have just begun their career in this field since the knowledge…


Illustration by Dmitry Moiseenko

Do you sometimes question yourself if you are making any progress at work?

You may track your progress by earning achievements, completing goals, and reaching milestones. It takes time to achieve these goals, and they do not come to you regularly.

Let me tell you something: our development is similar…


Start your UX Design career by leveling up
Illustration by Storytale

I structured the Knowledge and Expertise of a User Experience Designer base on levels of creativity. To catch up on this story better, please read my previous article: 5 levels of creativity.

Regards to NN Group:

User Experience is all the aspects of a user when using, interacting with a…


Design is hard; sometimes, I want to give up
Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash

Design is hard; sometimes, I want to give up.

It’s hard because we have to make choices of design solutions based on a lot of assumptions. We have to convenience stakeholders based on psychology knowledge, which people still concern about whether it is a science.

Moreover, feedback from stakeholders sometimes…

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